What is this all about?

It's not about food, restaurants, places of interest - it's about absolutely everything! Distinguishing the unique experiences and the best service providers in the local markets - this is what it is about! Special places, best places, best services!

Here's how it works:

Someone is searching for advice - you help him find an answer. When you need help, others will help you. You can also involve your friends to get their view of where is the best service provider that you are searching for.

What is special about AskTheTown.com?

Everything :) Absolutely everything!
Idea, execution, UX (user experience), community, knowledge and experience shared!

Why should I share my experience?

Basic answer - human nature ;) Got it? People are social animals - they help each other. Also you may feel that when you help others, others are more likely to help you.
We believe that as a community we can share the experience for mutual benefit of every participant. No one knows it all. There's always some small tips or areas where we should listen to each other and learn from our experience. We will all participate to build this community.

Still have questions? Contact Us - will be happy to be in touch ;)